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Victoria Park Hub FLOCK Program Launch

Michael with the organizers and participants of the recently launched FLOCK program

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Michael's Annual Seniors Celebration Tea

Michael with the Minister of Seniors Affairs Dipika Damerla and the Seniors of Distinction award recipients from our Don Valley East community

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Ontario Ministers Outline Actions to Address First Nations Youth Health and Safety Crisis

Statement by Ministers of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, Health and Long-Term Care and Children and Youth Services

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Ontario Expanding Support for Families at Inquests

New Program to Provide Funding for Inquests on Police-Related Deaths

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Improving Access to Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

Province Increasing Supports that will Help Connect People with Developmental Disabilities to Local Programs and Resources

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1847 0  tfmf sztfsouo4jadcbqi0peteozg 89a169b3 b978 4707 9dbe 98763f1bee9b 0 photoup   March 03, 2017

Putting Fans First in Ontario

Province Consulting on Ways to Give People a Fair Shot at Getting Tickets

1839 0  tfmf pu2k5z553ltz0u55dfrxdv2e 4f36b6c6 f8d6 4201 9040 639df31a227c 0 photoup   February 03, 2017

Ontario Making it More Affordable to Buy Your First Home

Province’s New Initiatives to Improve Housing Affordability Now in Effect

1832 0  tfmf jjk4mi45ty33mvqksbo4mqv3 3110d27d 8514 4a5b 8947 c930cfd5237f 0 photoup   September 20, 2016

Ontario Athletes Shine at Paralympic Games in Rio

Province’s Athletes Help Team Canada Exceed Medal Goal

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