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  • August 23, 2017

Victoria Park Hub FLOCK Program Launch

Michael with the organizers and participants of the recently launched FLOCK program

  • Ontario’s Local Poverty Reduction Fund

    Ontario is investing $50 million over six years to support innovative, community-driven solutions to tackling poverty. Apply to the fund at

Funded through the support of Ontario's Local Poverty Reduction Strategy, FLOCK is an innovative, women-focused platform that bridges self-employment coaching and skills training to local social services and community involvement, and assists women with their exploration of entrepreneurship. The program is run through the Victoria Park Hub by Working Women Community Centre.

Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy aims to create a province where every person has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential and contribute in a prosperous and healthy Ontario. 

The Local Poverty Reduction fund (which funds FLOCK) is a $50 million, 6-year initiative created to support innovative, community-driven projects that measurably improve the lives of those most affected by poverty.

To learn more, visit or watch the attached video.

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